Lawn school

2 Traktoren am Feld 600x600High quality lawn is craft, time and experience.

One and a half years of lawn school is the minimum for young lawn from Marchfeldrasen® grows. In the Pannonian climate of the Marchfeld an adaptable and robust lawn is bred, characterized by cool nights and warm days. The wide range over the year from minus 20 ° C to plus 38 ° C makes the turf resistant and operational throughout Europe.

With years of experience and knowledge, we use the best grasses and give the turf everything it needs in 18 months of care and nutrition.

Carefully peeled and rolled

In order to protect the lawn and to facilitate further processing, the roots of the young lawn are separated just one to two centimeters below the earth's surface and rolled into strips. Marchfeldrasen® is peeled daily in the cool, early morning or late evening hours and directly loaded and delivered by the fastest route. Accurately calculated, always in quantities and units to be processed within 48 hours by gardening professionals.


Grossrollen aufrollen 2 Arbeiter 600x600