Sizes & Delivery

Rasenrollen Palette 600x600Roll-Sizes
For small and large!

Marchfeldrasen – Small roll:
Dimensions: length 250 cm, width 40 cm (= 1 m2), weight: 15-20 kg. The perfect roll for a small- to medium-sized garden. The installation of the lawn is done manually.

Marchfeldrasen – Large roll:
Dimensions: length up to 20 m, width 120 cm, weight: 500 kg. Usable for larger areas such as sports fields, public green areas, lawns, etc. The installation of the lawn is done with a tractor or with a motorized manual installation device.

Our delivery-service
Order today - Lay tomorrow

Our flexible operating structure and the convenient location of our company allow us to react quickly on short-term orders.
The lawn will come to you this way:
Vienna and surrounding areas: We deliver with our own Marchfeldrasen trucks. By means of loading crane we unload the turf palettes on your desired area.
Other destinations: Marchfeldrasen will be delivered by suitable forwarders.