Care & Fertilize

Rasenmaeher 600x600General advices for a beautiful lawn:

Regular mowing is the most important measure for lawn care (at least one cut per week on average, possibly more often in spring and less in summer).
Principle: Shorten no more than 1/3 of the total length. If it is not possible to mow for a long time, you should definitely mow down the lawn by stages to the original cutting depth.
Do not mow too deep (ideal cutting height 30 - 40 mm).
Take care to the sharpness of the blades and just mow when grass is dry.
Collect the clippings in a mowing bag.
If you use a mulching mower you have to mow more often. Do not mulch after September - otherwise you promote various fungal diseases.

Depending on weather the lawn needs about 20 - 30 liters of water per square meter a week (easy to check with a rain gauge).
Divide the watering to one or at most two times a week.
Water the lawn in the evening or in the early morning hours.
Do not sprinkle the lawn before mid-May and after mid-September.
An automatic retractable irrigation system can water your lawn optimal (please consult for advice).

Use a long-time grass fertilizer - it gives the lawn optimal nutrition and reduce the growth of weeds and moss.
Generally fertilize three times per year (1x in early spring, 1x early June and 1x late August) according to the instructions on the packaging.
To prepare the lawn better for winter, an additional potash fertilizer is recommended in the 2nd half of September (even available at Marchfeldrasen). Refer also to our fertilizer site.

The grew felt should be removed at least once a year (end of March to mid-April or in September). This creates space for new growth and the susceptibility to fungal decreases.
De-thatching is only necessary if felt exists.
Do not de-thatch too deep. The blades should cut only the thatch but not the earth.
High quality tools can be borrowed in stores (DIY-markets, Lagerhaus) for a small fee.

Hausgarten 600x600Fertilizer
Fancy beautiful lawn!

A healthy and beautiful lawn needs three things: Routine mowing, watering and especially fertilizer to be supplied with sufficient nutrients.

We recommend fertilizers with long-term effects like Rasenfloranid® and Sportica®. These fertilizers have a good nitrogen utilization, the long-term nitrogen is dosed and will be released after 2 - 3 months.

The fertilizer offers a good nutrient-ratio as well as the addition of irons and micronutrients which provide a high fertilizer overall-effect. This fertilizer can also be used for heavy charged sports-lawn.