Installation Instructions

Rasenrollen Scheibtruhe Granulat 600x600

  • Rotary cultivating:
  • The existing surface is reworked with a hand motor tiller or a tractor tiller.
  • To work out coarse material:
    By means of a rake and a shovel stones, large chunks of earth, larger grass or weeds will be carved out and removed of the tilled soil.
  • To improve soil:
    Usually it is not really necessary. For heavy or impermeable soils you have to use silica sand to make the soil more permeable and easily.
  • Supply of soil:
    The turf-bearing layer (ground) should be at least 15 cm. If you need additional soil, take a light (rather sandy) and stone-free, fine mould.
  • Grading (to straighten surface):
    Rough grade: first straighten rough bumps with a shovel (on a larger area with mini loader).
    Fine grading: Smooth the surface with a rake.
  • Additional subsoil:
    Some landscape gardeners recommend the use of clay granulate as subsoil. Disperse it on the flattened subsoil.



Turf / lawn turf:

Delivery: When the soil works are finished, you can order Marchfeldrasen. Immediately after the delivery the turf should be laid. The delivered turf must not be located more than one night in a rolled condition.

Laying: Make sure that the turf-rolls are aligned and joined together neither overlap or joints can arise. To avoid cross joints, begin each row slightly offset. For smaller areas, a sharp knife or stanley-knife is enough to cut curves, corners and ends. For larger areas or where a lot of cutting work arises, a lawn edger can facilitate your work.
Rolling: When you have finished laying the turf, but before watering, you have to roll the turf. Smaller spaces can also be entered with lawn shoes or boards.

Watering: After the initial rolling you have to water the turf by hand or with a hose and a sprinkler. Feast on very carefully and accurately roll to roll so that the bottom is at least 10 cm waterlogged. To prevent already laid turf rolls from drying out on hot days, you should move in stages, i.e. first lay 50 - 80 m², then roll the turf and water it. Only then begin the next section.

Rasenbahnen ausrollen Beine Granulat 600x600 Rasen ausrollen auf Erde Haende 600x600 Rasen verlegen schneiden 600x600 Rasen verlegen Wandabschluss Granulat 600x600 Schlauch giessen 600x600

After laying:
1st week: Keep the turf moist, i.e. water it every day (except rainy, cloudy or very cold weather), don´t walk on the turf (except with lawn shoes).
2nd week: Water it only half as much in 1st week. After 7-10 days, mow it for the first time (don´t water the turf 1-2 days before, otherwise traces may be arise).
3rd week: Reduce the watering to a normal level (see care instructions). After mowing the second time, the first fertilization should follow (see care instructions). Now you can walk across the lawn and it can be strained.

If you have MORE questions regarding turf rolls, don´t hesitate to ask. We are happy to give information by phone: +43 2247 259550