Tips for autumn work

Rasen Barfuesse 600x600Autumn Work!

Autumn is not only the season where you can once again enjoy your garden, it´s also the time to collect strength and the time for preparation. Everything what happens now, serves already for the next season.

Strengthen with the right fertilizer

Start with the right fertilizer at the beginning of September. After the strains from summer a potash-based long-time-fertilizer is the right thing. This special fertilizer provides a controlled nutrient supply for lawn on sports fields, golf-fairways and garden lawn. The high content of potassium raises the resistance of the lawn against frost.

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Aerating and cleaning

In October you have to dethatch the lawn for a second time and finish thereby the season. Be careful that the soil is dry. So you can dethatch optimal. Dethatch the lawn crosswise to get the whole felt from the sublayer out of the lawn. It is also very important to remove the leaves in garden. If leaves are lying too long on the moisty or rainy lawn, the perfect microclimate arises which is ideal for fungal and lawn diseases.

Time for correction, enlargement and new laying

Autumn is also the season to lay out new lawn or correct larger parts of the lawn. Lawn which is laid in autumn can adjust and ingrain to the subsoil optimally until winter. So you can start the next season with a magnificent and exquisite green. Because one thing is as certain as the season goes by: Everybody wants to go out when the first sunrays arise to enjoy the beautiful lawn and the fresh air.

Especially big areas at new buildings and sports grounds are laid in late autumn. It is not only because the lawn grows ideally and does not have to be watered very often. Furthermore it offers an additional comfort: lawn makes the surrounding area of a new building more beautiful and pleasant, it prevents mud and sludge around the new house, especially in the rainiest season.