Lawn-laying service

Praterwiese 600x600The target group of our service company Mein Rasen Verlege GmbH are all those who require professional support for large construction sites or large-scale orders. When you order a lawn of at least approx. 1,000m2, we can gladly offer you our additional lawn-laying service.

This means you’ll get our full range of services - all from one source.

Step 1 – Analysing and selecting the lawn: We’ll already support you in analysing the area and will then offer you the most suitable lawn for the site and its intended use.

Step 2 – Tips for preparing the soil: Does the ground still need to be cleared of large stones? Does the ground require any additional loosening material or soil? Does any soil need to be removed or does the ground need to be evened out? We’ll assist you with our expertise and equipment.

Step 3 – Laying the turf: Our staff are very experienced in the special laying technique used for rolled lawns. Like a beautifully laid floor, a rolled lawn is laid in a special way too. This ensures that it can soon be walked on and will successfully grow to form an area of thick, robust grass.

Laying a new lawn is a special challenge, as some factors are decisive for the quality of a beautiful lawn. We will gladly advise you on the different types of turf.